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The Importance of After-Hours Answering Service - Live Dial

It is close to impossible to attend your phone calls every time the phone rings. Regardless of the nature of your job or business. Managing your daily work tasks can be incredibly tiring, demanding, and agitating. To exceed your customer's expectations and remain competitive, you must be able to provide some form of live communication apart from the usual business operating hours to stay competitive. Companies that offer a complete day and night service instantly stand out in the eyes of a customer and boost their confidence and trust in your business. If you are unavailable, it is nothing but a mere chance that your customer will try to reach you or your business again. So how else can you allow your customers to reach out to you besides the traditional 9-5 working hours, without exhausting yourself and your employees? By utilizing an ​After-hours answering service.


A live call answering service is a fantastic way of engaging your customers in real time. Let Live Dial 24 after hours answering service handle all your incoming calls and messages even if you are not available. An after-hours answering service can help multinational companies or businesses that deal in different time zones. So, while you are at home relaxing, a customer from another part of the world may call your office while you are out. Your business restricts your personal life enough. Give yourself some freedom. This is where the after-hours answering service plays a vital role and makes you stand out from other companies. Live customer support assists in handling customer questions, handle customer issues and provide customer support.


Who exactly requires after-hours answering services?


Providing the same customer support consistency after office hours can be an incredibly tedious and challenging task. If you belong to a competitive business industry that receives countless phone calls day and night, it is essential to consider providing after-hours phone services. It is necessary to provide effective and efficient solutions to your clients and customers via live call or chat.


Effects of Working Long Hours


 All small and medium scale business owners realize how necessary it is to put their hearts and souls into their business the first few years. Suppose you own a small enterprise and do your

best to engage your customers and make them happy. You start your day at the earliest possible hour and continuously work into the late evening hours. You answer your customer's calls throughout the day as well as even after office hours. Even if you do not notice, your life will suddenly begin to take a toll. Before you realize it, your life as a business owner will start to get out of control because of the endless working hours.


The Burnout Effect

A lot of business owners have suffered and experienced this hardship. Still, it is essential to realize that stressing yourself out does not only affect you but your business, family, employees, and customers as well. Your agitation and frustration rise to the extent that it slowly starts to reflect at the office and home. This entire situation that a person goes through is known as the "Burnout Effect". Once the burnout symptoms become evident and impossible to control, it is essential to reconsider your priorities or make some business adjustments. Though the story may differ from person to person, the burnout effect might be severe and hazardous for your health. There are many solutions to this. Still, once you are so deeply engrossed in your field of success, it may often become challenging to spot even the most accessible solutions. An after-hours answering service can be an incredibly helpful solution to assist you during your most stressful time. Be assured, an after-hours answering service is bound to make your life easier and make your business more way easier to handle.


Three Evident Pros of an After-Hours Answering Service

Finding a medium of assistance that can cater to your customers and clients' calls during off business hours can be a brilliant way of saving money and time. It will also result in satisfied customers. An after-hours answering service can benefit people in many unimaginable ways and make your life hassle-free.


1. It saves you time. Like most business owners, one common issue is suffering from lack of time. There are only so many hours in the day, how many times have we heard that? Most businesses require more than just the typical 8-hour shift, which leaves them with very few hours to contribute to their family and sleep. There might be many instances where you must prioritize your office phone calls over a family function. This includes your daughter's dance recital or your son's soccer game. A trustworthy and reliable after-hours answering service can help you regain most of your lost hours and peace of mind. Your evenings and night hours will no longer require you to be at the beckoning every time a customer calls your business. Many of your hours can be saved through an after-hours answering service, which can be utilized for family and leisure. It is fact, you can be much more efficient if you work for lesser hours rather than over-stressing yourself and working long hours.

2. It saves you money. As strange as it seems, the number of hours you spend answering your phone calls can also add up as a cost. It does not have to be a financial cost, but the variable costs that your business faces are a matter of consideration. Many after-hours answering services are calculated every month by converting variable hours into fixed costs. Your firm's balance sheet is a perfect representation of the expenses involved in receiving your phone calls during the day. If you are free from the duty of receiving phone calls 24/7, you can be a lot more productive in boosting the company's profits.


3. Most Importantly It leads to satisfied customers. As mentioned above, an after-hours phone service certainly does not compromise on customer satisfaction. Be assured that this service will provide a fantastic customer experience for all your clients. Behind the after-hours answering services is a team of professional and expert customer service representatives. They make your answering experience so much more standardized and strategic. Many small-scale business owners are highly proficient in their areas of expertise. Still, they do not possess the necessary experience and training in providing exceptional quality customer service over the phone. With a qualified phone answering service, you can maintain the right consistency of superior quality customer satisfaction.

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Three Unexpected Pros of an After-Hours Answering Service


Your hard-earned money, time, and customer satisfaction are all equally important. However, there is more to resorting to an after-hours answering service. For instance, it is essential and healthy to save some time off from your enterprise. Even if you have put in everything you own into your startup business, maintaining a balance of everything is essential. If you work reduced hours compared to the present working conditions, your productivity is bound to increase.

Taking time off from your stressful job is very therapeutic. If the need to exert so much effort into receiving calls can be reduced, you can get more time to focus on your skills. These skills will create a foundation for your business. We will guarantee the best provision of our service to our customers. Besides the obvious benefits, there are some unexpected benefits of an after-hours answering service.


1.Fewer distractions from telemarketers and wrong numbers.

Often you might be engrossed in some important task and your telephone rings. You respond to the call only to find that it is a wrong number. It might be a telemarketer trying to engage your interest in a product you do not necessarily need. Even though calls like this are very brief, there are chances that it might cost you more than a few minutes to recoup your focus and begin working. If this situation occurs more than twice or thrice a day, chances are your productivity can deter. This is a waste of time, and as they say, time is money; you are bound to be at an expense long before you know it. An after-hour phone service allows an online receptionist to receive the calls and forward only the most important phone calls to you.


2.Your business can receive more commendable reviews online.

Online reviews play a vital role in determining the purchase decisions of most customers. Hence, it is imperative to have an online section of excellent reviews to lead customers towards your business. No customer likes to go straight to voicemail or forcefully talk to a robot.

By outsourcing your calls to an answering service provider, your company can interact with a more extensive customer base and provide them superior customer service. This positive experience results in customers recommending your services to friends and family, and some even writing a positive review upon request.


3.You can gather more customer statistics.

When you or your staff members take charge of the phone calls while managing other tasks, there is little time to engage every customer and get an in-depth insight about them. Collaborating with an answering service allows in allocating more time to every caller. This automatically eliminates the feeling of being rushed among customers and gives the live agent a chance to gather all the essential information. Your online receptionist can note down the customer's name, contact number, and reason for calling. This does not happen if the call goes to voicemail, or when you speak to customers in a hurry.

The Importance of After-Hours Answering Services

There are dozens of choices when you are considering after-hours phone support services. Whether you wish to hire a group of in-house people or outsource your calls to nearby companies, it is up to you. You can even merge the two ways to increase coverage for your customers while staying under budget. Whichever medium you select, do not undermine the importance of an after-hours answering service or live customer support because it is incredibly important. There was a time when customer happiness and satisfaction was only about being polite on the phone. Though this thing can still take you a long way ahead, your availability is the most essential thing that matters now.

Callers nowadays are busier than before, so it is vital to be available whenever your customers need you. Whichever field you are in, people will try to reach you even when you are off duty. Providing a true 24/7/365 answering service can be a too daunting task, but there are many reasons why it matters so much.

Lead Generation Return on Investment Improvement

Modern-day companies are investing heavily in lead generation because it is vital for your business's growth. The disadvantage of most marketing campaigns is that your lead generation team requires the utmost support. This is where several enterprises can go wrong. Missed calls​: ​Some firms may not hire enough staff members for the abundance of calls coming in, or they might not offer 24/7 phone services. This is usually so because they think their customers who call after office hours will leave a message. ●Prompt Response: ​​Regrettably, it does not work like that anymore. Many types of research quote that approximately 70% of customers find phone calls to be the most effective medium of quickly responding to their problems. However, more than 50% can get really frustrated if they must wait or do not respond right away. Individual Attention: ​​This way, more than half of your customer base will resort to your competitors. Despite the added expenses of an online receptionist or a full-time answering service, your marketing struggles' return on investment can upsurge if somebody responds to every caller individually.


Sincere Concern for Customer Satisfaction and Happiness

 If you want you to enhance your customer's care, it is essential to be available when they require your assistance. This certainly does not mean being physically present to answer the calls. It is a good idea for somebody to be on standby who can manage ill-hour emergency cases and inquiries that failed to be addressed throughout the day. Customer Retention: ​​This ensures securing a lifelong relationship with your customers and retaining them for the long run. If they feel unappreciated, customers are likely to switch to other companies. Contrariwise, 70% of your customer base can be retained due to superior quality customer services. Firm competition: ​​Your competitor can easily score away your customer if your doors are closed. So, make sure your agents are available during all the hours to provide the customers with what they require. An after hour answering service adds a significant difference to the company's bottom line and results in customer delight. Moreover, the best thing about after hour answering service is that charges are applicable on call and not on hours. If there are no calls, there will be no charges. However, if you miss a call, you are quite likely to lose a potential client or a valuable lead.


Live Dial Customer Service


Live Dial executes its individual call center services that help traditional and virtual companies come close to its customer base and markets. The purpose is to reduce the cost of our clients while increasing productivity. Live Dial's inbound call answering services comprise order taking and order processing, customer service, email and chat support, and help desk at unbelievably low prices. Our people, systems, processes, and technology are instilled to create a smooth and robust impact on all businesses. Live Dial call center is functional all day and all night 24/7 365. Hence, you can avail extensive hours of incoming calls in the evenings, weekends, and all hours of an influx of calls during peak times of business. Live Dial is a 24/7communication center that has mastered the skill of servicing inbound and outbound calls at the same time.

What distinguishes Live Dial customer service?

Live Dial offers its client base the education, information, maturity, and expertise, which is uncommon in the call center industry. All call center mediators are within Live Dial's contact center facilities and do not operate from home. Our traditional call center encourages work performance control and monitoring, high-quality assurance, reinforcement of training sessions, and knowledge sharing. Live Dial also scales through your outsourcing programs by reducing or adding it to your team. The call volumes tend to differ with seasons. So, most businesses might require a more significant incoming support staff in their call center towards the year-end and less support staff in the remaining year. Live Dial's exclusive staff model incorporates flexible employment facilities and prevents the hassle of recruiting and firing employees.


Live Dial Virtual Assistant

With Live Dial, take your business up a notch by recruiting online assistants. Our team of reliable and hardworking online assistants saves you the trouble of engaging in time-consuming tasks and recoup your focus towards business success and growth. Hiring a virtual assistant presents you with the benefit of low overhead costs and increased productivity. These online assistants are suitable for a variety of jobs, which are stated as follows: ●Time-bound researches Travel planning Secure messaging Administrative duties and support Answering phone calls Restaurant reservations Scheduling appointments Order taking and processing Help Desk Data Entry Report Generation Dispatching ​So instead of allocating your precious time on such small scale duties, simply outsource it to an expert for a much lesser rate than you would typically charge. Handing over these responsibilities to Live Dial will allow you to emphasize more significant matters requiring your undivided attention. Our service is for everybody, be it a busy entrepreneur or a Blogger and Vlogger. To look for an excellent virtual assistant, you need to skim through different options that vary between people and businesses.


Live Dial Dispatch Services

Nowadays, customers are on the lookout for a prompt, reliable, responsible, and competitive company that can quickly dispatch calls and provide the necessary services whenever they require. Therefore, we are always working diligently on staying up to mark, provide continuous service, and incorporate contemporary technology and trends. ●24/7 Service Live Dial agents are at your assistance 24/7/365 to dispatch calls. We are aware of the situations which call for means of conveyance at unexpected times. Live Dial is always prepared to cater to your needs. Whenever a customer calls, they can be rest assured to be greeted with a professional, polite, and cheerful call agent, whatever time of the day. ●Concierge Services VIP customers will ultimately anticipate VIP level services, which Live Dial takes great pride in delivering. We prepare wake-up calls for pickups during the early morning and make an outbound call to stay on schedule. All payments are processed before arrival to make it convenient for customers. ●Scheduling & Dispatch If you are using a virtual dispatching software for keeping a record of your fares, you are in for luck. Live Dial can merge with your present software and handle all the dispatching and scheduling for you. Even if you do not use any such software, you can have one set up, Live Dial's trained specialists will receive calls and screen them according to your criteria. These calls are dispatched to your faculty's  members through email, telephone, texts, or an application. Our teams keep a record of all the communication with your driver to evaluate their arrival time and location.

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